About Me

IMG_11474Let me tell you about the most gaming related episodes of my life, which may interest you as a gamer, viewer or someone who needs greater motivation to trust my tutorials. So I started my gaming experience in the early 90s with the Atari 5200 and my annoying sister who always played “river raid” better than me… From my youngest years, gaming competitions played a huge role in my family life. Of course, a healthy competition where everyone tried to beat the best score in the house or get to the higher level in a game. It was not like the competition that you see nowadays while watching youngsters full of rage, anger, saltiness and shit talking like Internet Gods. Back then we used defeat as a motivation for further progress rather than fuel for abusive talk and anger… Anyway, this life experience was really educational and gave me that hunger for improvement and accomplishment.

After a few years, my family moved to the big city and I got introduced to internet cafes. God, that was something that every gamer dreamed about. A place where you can meet players from the whole city. After some time of making new contacts and gaining some reputation in cafes, we formed the Counter-Strike team. I played Counter-Strike 1.5 and 1.6 competitively with minor successes. We attended many local tournaments and had the pleasure of playing against players like Neo and TaZ who are now known from Virtus.pro and many other less known players, but still great personalities. Thanks to this life experience I managed to get lots of knowledge about CS and pro-gaming in general. It changed my way of approaching in-game difficulties and I knew how to make progress instead of just playing the game. Suddenly after some time, Valve released Counter-Strike: Source, which was really hated by me and my friends. We decided to stay with CS 1.6 but CS:S was slowly killing the old scene, which made us disband over time and move on to different games or platforms. I personally moved to MMORPGS and got lost in time and space with the lovely Ultima Online.

Many years later when the internet at home was the norm and internet cafes died, we all played from our homes in the same crew. We tried every new title we were able to run on our super strong PCs with 512MB of RAM and CPU slightly more powerful than 1Ghz. Not long after that I moved to England for over 8 years and that’s where I’ve found out how much of an inconsistent player I can be. My random performance at the time in CS:GO stopped me from getting to any better teams than tier 3. Finally, I gave up CS:GO league games and I started to stream on twitch and post videos on YouTube, which gave me great joy for a while and also gave me some opportunities and new contacts. Not long after I became a CS:GO Coach for a boosting company, which made me stop streaming and Releasing CS:GO related content on YouTube. Recently, I moved back to Poland and got work at csgocoach.com, which is not tying my hands as much, so I’m back in business baby! As I have knowledge about the games and competitive gaming, I will share this information, until my kids take my place.